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Welcome to The Radiant Group (TRG). We are communication specialists with the key
objective of helping clients quickly breakthrough barriers and develop and apply new skills to
get the outcomes they want.

Unlike most communication companies, we are not selling a pre-packaged formulaic program. Why? Because most of these programs fail to deliver the results you want and cost you more time and money in the process.

Instead, we are experts at diagnosing and trouble-shooting your existing situation and
developing a customised solution that is both logical and creative. We are able to quickly
uncover and resolve the real issues that are blocking you and your business from achieving
your desired goals.

We help professionals, executives and business owners from all industries improve their ability
to communicate and influence. We have a number of unique programs including a proces
to help sales people regain their “mojo”. Our methodology is simple, fast and effective.

The Radiant Group programs are designed and delivered by our CEO, Shirley Smith and her
team of highly skilled facilitators and coaches. Shirley has a background in psychology and behavioural science and more than 20 years experience in the Learning & Development field giving her the rare insight to develop programs that create lasting change.

To find out how we can assist you please contact us today via email or by phone on
+61 2 9953 7000.



shirley smith
Shirley Smith
CEO, Program Director
Author, Speaker, Coach

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