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The Radiant Group (TRG) is a privately owned boutique consultancy specialising in the field of advanced communication. Our programs are designed to improve sales performance, develop exceptional communication skills, and turn good people into great leaders.

We have worked with many leading Australian organisations including Vodafone, MAC Cosmetics, Text Pacific, The Mint Group, The Leap Frog Group and McDonald’s to create one-of-a-kind learning & development programs that have delivered practical solutions and long-lasting results.

Our primary target audiences are business owners, professional service providers and corporate executives and teams.


When working with us you will find that our experience, our approach and our unique process is “the difference that makes the difference!”


For over 20 years our Program Director and CEO Shirley Smith, has worked with corporate professionals, small business owners, television presenters and health practitioners who want to learn dynamic, effective communication skills which guarantee their message cuts through clutter and is effective in getting results.

Shirley recognises that learning to communicate and present to groups of people can often be a daunting and vulnerable experience, particularly when business and career success is dependent on the outcome. Other courses and facilitators may give you the tools to manage or mask your fear. Shirley gives you the tools, confidence and experience to eliminate it once and for all.

The Radiant Group also has a team of highly skilled and experienced facilitators and coaches who are deeply committed to supporting our clients achieve their goals. To learn more about our team please click here.


A fundamental understanding of human dynamics is paramount in the design of any program that is to produce lasting behavioural change. Our programs incorporate accelerated learning, generative learning and action-learning techniques that are proven to fast track your progress as well as naturally embody the skills you have learnt.


Many communication and sales programs simply provide you with information to be memorized. Our programs have all been specially crafted to provide you with a hands-on, visceral experience of the course material.

Regardless of whether you want to present to groups of people, create a more harmonious and productive team, or deliver a sales pitch to a new client, our programs and services will help you create maximum impact and get the outcomes you want. Working with us will enable you to develop your unique and authentic voice and master skills you will use in all areas of your life.

To find out how we can help you please contact our office today via email or directly on +612 9953 7000.

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