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Working with an Executive Coach can have a positive and long lasting effect on your career or business. In fact almost every successful CEO, high performance team and businessperson has worked with an executive coach to improve performance.

For many years The Radiant Group has delivered Executive Coaching Programs to many leading organisations and individuals with outstanding results.  We understand the value of providing solutions that are outcome based, measurable and specifically focus on improving your career prospects and adding value to your business.


In simple terms, an Executive Coach is a professional partner you work with for a set period of time, to achieve specific outcomes and  improve designated areas of performance – either individually, or within a business or team.

A skilled coach acts as a catalyst, an advisor, and a sounding board, facilitating a process of discovery, learning and long-lasting change.


Large organizations and small business owners we work with typically choose executive coaching services to:

• Address performance and development issues.
• Accelerate growth & leadership development – to prepare for succession planning.
• Upgrade communication & relating skills.
• Improve teamwork.
• Identify visions and values.
• Assist employees to achieve work / life balance.
• Provide an independent, confidential advisor – particularly for business owners and CEO’s.
• Establish a process for focussing on the big picture and not solely the day-to-day operations.
• Discover, develop and leverage the individual strengths and potential of each employee.
• Improve business results.
• Facilitate a team through a period of transition such as a corporate restructure or a rapid period of growth.

Our Executive Coaching Programs consist of a series of structured, one-on-one, sessions between an experienced coach and the client. During these sessions, the Coach facilitates the client through a questioning process. The sessions can be face-to-face or by telephone or Skype.

At the beginning of the program, specific outcomes are discussed and agreed upon. Each session is geared towards helping you achieve your outcome and will often involve discussing progress or roadblocks that have surfaced between sessions.

We also offer group coaching for teams and business units. The individual coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one with your Coach, and supplementary group sessions are held to address the wider issues and goals of the team.


Some of the benefits you can expect as a result of working with one of our Executive Coaches are:

• An improvement in communication and relating skills.
• Enhanced strategic thinking and greater clarity & focus.
• Fully engaged and focussed teams.
• Increase in confidence and ability.
• Improved performance – for the individual and business.
• Acquisition of new skills.
• Increase in job satisfaction.
• Increase in productivity and efficiency.
• Upsurge in momentum.

Our coaching is about unlocking potential, breaking through barriers and fostering undeveloped skills so that individuals, teams and organisations can achieve the outcomes they desire.
To find out if an Executive Coaching Program is right for your business or team please contact our office today via email or directly on +61 2 9953 7000.

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