Our signature course, Empowering Communications Program (ECP), is a true game changer and will help shape the destiny of your career and business success. The facilitators are world-class, the format is geared for accelerated learning and the ‘take-home’ skills are practical and long-lasting.

Upcoming modules for the ECP program include:

• Mastering Communication Styles for Business Success.
• Making Presentations for Maximum Impact.
• The Language of Sales & Negotiation.

Please click here to download a brochure. If you would like to find out how this program has positively impacted the lives, careers and businesses of former graduates please read our current testimonials.

We can also custom design a program specifically for your business or team, including Personality Profiling to help improve communication, reduce stress and assign job roles for maximum productivity and effectiveness.  

Our powerful programs will give you the ability to inspire, influence and inform whenever you communicate. Learn to free up your natural style so that you can communicate with confidence and authenticity. Walk away with a plethora of practical skills, a new level of competence and expertise and the ability to make an impact every time you communicate.

To discuss enrolment or to talk to us about a customised program for your team or business, please contact our office today via email or directly on +6 12 9953 7000.

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