Program Director
Author, Speaker, Coach

Shirley is an accomplished, highly respected presenter and facilitator and the author of two best selling books. With degrees in philosophy and divinity, a background in psychology and behavioural science, Shirley draws on more than 20 years experience in human functioning to help people identify and change behaviour patterns which block success and disrupt relationships.

Shirley’s training and diverse background has given her a fundamental understanding of the psychological underpinnings that block people from learning, expressing themselves and making changes that last. She is an expert in guiding people to break through personal and professional limitations and knows how to inspire people to expand beyond their expectations. Many people have said that her programs are deeply insightful and comment on her unique ability to empower them by drawing out their creativity, natural talents and self-confidence.

Specialising in advanced communication skills, program design, facilitating group dynamics and building high performance synergistic teams, she has produced excellent results for clients such as: McDonald’s, Text Pacific, PMP Limited, MAC Cosmetics, Mitchell Sutton & Gallagher Recruitment HR and Training, Blake Dawson legal firm, HyperFitness Health Consultancy, The Mint Group Financial Services and Vodafone.

Shirley’s work has been featured in nearly every mainstream Australian publication including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Bulletin, The Age, New Idea, Good Medicine, Body & Soul (Sunday Telegraph) and Doctors Weekly. As New Woman Magazine’s choice of Executive Coach, Shirley wrote a monthly column for their readers. Additionally, she has appeared on a number of television programs including Mornings with Kerri-Anne, The Midday Show and GMA. She is also featured on hundreds of talkback radio programs Australia-wide.

Shirley has an unmistakable “tell-it-like-it-is” signature style and a rare ability to help individuals and organisations break through barriers to actually get the results they want. Working with Shirley not only sparks your creativity and ignites your passion – you’re guaranteed to experience the ride of your life!



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